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Who We Are

We’re a cutting edge software company that provides integrated and innovative solutions since 2006. Based in Los Angeles, we provide you with sunny solutions. Both our product and customer service is as pleasant as our sunshine. We act as a consultant and are available to assist you around the clock. We’re experts! We specialize in Telecommunications and have experience in Billing, Mediation, Roaming and Provisioning. We’re cutting edge! We love technology and innovation and we’re constantly evolving to meet your needs in a fast moving industry. We’re a One Stop Shop! We provide an integrated solution to your customer’s billing processes and we’re here to ensure that it works for you!

About Us

We’re an international team, so we integrate the best of every culture in order to provide the most creative solutions for our customers.
We incorporate an open-minded culture and encourage fresh new ideas by everyone on our team.
We’re here to listen to your needs. Our product, ABOSS, has everything you need in one place and we’re here to walk you through a smooth-sailing billing process. We provide billing, invoicing, order-to-cash and marketing solutions to telecom, cable, and utility service providers.
We act as a consultant to improve your flow of business to increase your profits
We help you enter new markets and expand revenues from your position in existing markets.

Our Product

ABOSS is an integrated solution to manage your billing and customer support processes. Our product is designed to give you the flexibility and functionality that your business requires.

ABOSS enhances your customer POS experience through a user-friendly iPad App that allows you to offer outside sales and bar-style store sales. ABOSS provides a convenient point of sale experience, with order, sales and inventory management by location, which supports cash, check and all major credit cards. We value your time and have the integrated customer management, POS and provisioning services in one place to prove it. We want you to thrive so we offer mobile-friendly options to adapt to today’s technology. ABOSS provides a two-step billing process with real-time rating and call record collection. ABOSS makes you the boss. It allows you to manage your customer’s accounts, service allowance, past due treatment, credit score and write-off. Our provisioning is integrated and seamless. You don’t have to think twice about activation, it’s triggered at any new purchase, change, suspension, restoration or cancellation. ABOSS generates market and location-based reporting, so users can monitor and get better insight about sales and services revenue, which drastically reduces fraud. Our WebPortal and Mobile App enable your customers to self-manage their accounts. We also offer an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and On-Demand Account Inquiry. Less work for you!

Here is a brief demo during our iPad App launch at CCA Expo 2014 in San Antonio.


Here are some of our technology partners. For a complete list please contact us directly.

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Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us anytime, our team will be more than happy to help.

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